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Stop the Metuchen Downtown Alliance - The borough council's solution to vacant storefronts

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The Metuchen Borough Council is considering approving a broad-reaching municipal ordinance to establish a downtown management organization to professionally market and manage Metuchen's downtown, which they propose to call the "Metuchen Downtown Alliance (MDA)." The ordinance would create a taxing, controlling, big-government style, overreaching bureaucracy with an anticipated budget of $275,000 per year! Do you think the way to fill a vacant store is by raising the rent through higher taxes? •  It is a waste of taxpayer money to spend $1,250,000 over five years on a new bureaucracy. Don't buy into the government's spin that they are helping these small businesses by marketing downtown Metuchen—they are picking their pockets. Due to the economy, internet, and social media; the business environment and consumer marketing are changing at every turn. Let's be honest, bureaucracies don't move, solve problems, or change quickly—they are a burden. •  Business owners know best how to target market their products/services. Small business owners are sick of excessive government rules and regulations. The already existing maze of government bureaucracy in the form of the zoning board, planning board, the building permit process, and inspections is too cumbersome—it's broken. Metuchen needs an immediate course change. Entrepreneurs flock to friendly business environments. •  A change is needed in the Borough of Metuchen business environment - remove the obstacles. To approve this ordinance creating the Metuchen Downtown Alliance, the Metuchen Borough Council just has to hold a public hearing and then vote on this major decision—taxation without representation! Get angry at the establishment, challenge the system! •  You do not get to vote on this major decision! Wake up! Let's use our brains, face the facts, and stop this madness. Sign this petition. Share it with your friends and post it on social media. Check the borough calendar and attend the public hearing and borough council meetings. Let the Metuchen Borough Council know that this really is the "Brainy Borough" which is filled with creative, hardworking, freedom-loving citizens and volunteers. Real change is needed. YOU have the power and tools to rally around the message, "Stop bad overreaching government." Now is the time to personally fight to spread the word, "I love the brainy boro!" Metuchen Borough Council Members, Term Expiration, E-mail Address: Reed Leibfried                   12/31/17     Ronald Grayzel                  12/31/18     James Wallace                  12/31/16     Allison Inserro                    12/31/18     Dorothy Rasmussen          12/31/16     Jay Muldoon                      12/31/17        

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